The Beautiful Blū shares sophomore single

The Beautiful Blū

Anonymous act The Beautiful Blū has shared its latest single ‘Future Blur’. The track is its second release after the single ‘One Final Day’ dropped last month and will feature alongside the track on the act’s debut album iGenocide – a title that captures the project’s conceptual subject matter.

‘Future Blur’, a microcosm of the greater whole from which it has been taken, is a sonic investigation into the dangers inherent in ignoring slow, iterative transformation, and asks the question, are we evolving or just changing things because we can? 

A deep subject worth investigating, the act drew an apt analogy when it said, “What does the future hold? We tend to assume that everything will be OK. Many of us know the classic experiment that when you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out, but that when you put it in water, and then slowly turn the heat up, it will boil to death. Why? Because when things change slowly, we tend to accept the changes, even when the changes are for the worse.”