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Ben Böhmer nurtures the soil for his soon-to-blossom ‘Bloom’ album, cultivating it with the debut single ‘Best Life’ alongside JONAH


The renowned, award-winning electronic music artist Ben Böhmer announces his first new studio album in three years, Bloom. The news comes alongside a brand new single, ‘Best Life’, featuring JONAH, and an announcement of an 8-stop run of live shows through the UK and Europe this fall. Bloom is set for release on 27th September on Ninja Tune

Coming off a record-breaking world tour in support of his previous album, during which he sold out all dates months in advance, Ben Böhmer made a point to take time to himself and return to the space that compels him the most: his studio. It’s there that he’s able to truly channel his passion for spontaneous creativity and relentlessly focus on honing a craft that allows him to express deep, complex feelings. He tackled grief on his breakthrough debut album, Breathing (2019), and separation on its follow-up, 2021’s Begin Again.

The success of those records, almost 1 billion streams and counting, and his ability to connect with audiences in a live setting—he played over 200 shows in 2022—propelled him down a track that felt at odds with what he wanted. Despite the accolades and sell-out events, he was being pulled in a direction that was not him. Bloom is a reset, a confident reassertion of his own desires and more improvisational origins. In Bloom, we hear and feel Ben’s growth, the joyful pursuit of newness that pulls him back to the studio day after day, season after season. 

Ben embraces his imperfect journey thus far on the forthcoming album’s first single, ‘Best Life’, featuring Berlin-based singer-songwriter duo JONAH. Sonically, ‘Best Life’ is a bold step in a new direction for Böhmer, who is intent on growing out of the pre-fabricated boxes he’s been placed in. Böhmer’s songwriting and composing talents extend to the foreground on Bloom alongside revered artists like indie royalty Lykke Li, alt-pop duo Oh Wonder, Enfant Sauvage (of the French duo The Blaze), and more. The album features a swathe of styles and tempos that earlier tracks in his career feel like breadcrumbs to.

“Life is short and fast,” JONAH remarks on the track. “You try, you fail, and sometimes we lose a special person along the way who is irreplaceable, but the memories stay with us, shaping who we are. ‘Best Life’ is all about that rollercoaster ride of trying, failing, and a reminder of the importance of living each moment to the fullest.” 

In support of the new album announcement, Böhmer has announced a run of live shows this fall across the UK and Europe, including stops at Alexandra Palace in London and Albert Hall in Manchester. These dates will follow his upcoming performances at major music festivals like Sonar, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, and Portola, in addition to his direct support performances for ODESZA at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington, and Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Pre-Save / Pre-Order Bloom HERE.

Ben Böhmer Upcoming Tour Dates

14 June – Sonar by Night – Barcelona, Spain

20 June – Electric Forest – Rothbury, MI

22 June – Madison Square Garden – New York City, NY*

5 July – Ogden Twilight – Ogden, UT

6 July  – The Gorge Amphitheatre – George, WA *

21 July – Krizikova Fountains – Prague, Czechia

4 August – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL

9 August – Superior Ingredients Roof [Day] – New York City, NY

9 August – Musica NYC [Night] – New York City, NY

10 August – îLESONIQ – Montreal, Canada

22 August – Refshaleøen – Copenhagen, Denmark

29 September – Portola – San Francisco, CA

4 October – Maximum UNIQ Open Air – Istanbul, Turkey

14 November – Albert Hall – Manchester, UK *

16 November – Alexandra Palace – London, UK *

21 November – Waagnatie – Antwerp, Belgium *

22 November – Adidas Arena – Paris, France *

November 26 – Inselpark Arena– Hamburg, Germany *

November 27 – The Palladium – Cologne, Germany *

November 28 – AFAS – Amsterdam, Netherlands *

November 30 – Velodrom – Berlin, Germany *

* Support for ODESZA

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The Chainsmokers – Dynamic duo release new EP ‘No Hard Feelings’ & launch three official videos + lyric video for new single ‘No Shade at Pitti’.


GRAMMY® Award-winning and chart-topping artist/producer duo The Chainsmokers proudly present their brand new No Hard Feelings EP, out now via RCA Records UK.The Chainsmokers set the scene for No Hard Feelings with Addicted (with Zerb and Ink), which has over 37 Million streams to date and currently sits at #5 on the Dance Airplay chart. They followed with the release of Friday with GRAMMY® nominated R&B singer and songwriter Fridayy, which UPROXX said “feels like waking up on a Friday morning and remembering it’s Friday”, and added that “The Chainsmokers still know how to make a banger.

With No Hard Feelings, Alex and Drew made a conscious decision to hyper focus on the dancefloor and leveled up once again with a set of 6 club-ready anthems. Throughout the project, they conjure the high-octane energy of their early days with a keen sense of refinement and experience. Celebrating the new EP, the guys have released official videos for new tracks ‘Bad Advice’ with Elio, ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Green Lights (demo)’, all of which bring them back to the snowy mountain landscape. Plus, a special lyric video for new single ‘No Shade at Pitti’.

On the single ‘No Shade At Pitti’, neon keys chime above the murmur of a warbling bassline and nostalgic verses before a frenetic dancefloor-ready beat takes hold. On the other end of the spectrum, guitars and smoky keys simmer beneath the surface of the buoyant ‘Bad Advice’, which features ethereal vocals from Canadian pop artist Elio. Glitchy claps and a glistening loop volley across ‘Tennis Court’, while warm lo-fi electro tones glow through emotionally charged verses on ‘Green Lights.’

Check out the videos…


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SUBFICTION – Veiled artist and guide of absorbing audiovisual worlds releases enigmatic single ‘we_glitch’.

Image Credit: Niek Hage

Versatile Dutch producer SUBFICTION unveiled a new single, ‘we_glitch’, on April 26th, 2024 via On Track / SUBFICTION. ‘we_glitch’, which premiered via Electronic Groove, is an appetiser for his forthcoming EP of the same name, slated for release in May 2024. Since the project’s inception in 2022, the year in which he notably played an official after-show for Ross From Friends, the elusive SUBFICTION has been making waves in the music industry with no signs of slowing down.

SUBFICTION delivers an epic piece of Future Garage music, raw and punchy the track is layered with repetitive melodic textures infused with a calibrated snare serving up the backbeat. The track then morphs into an earthy groove sure to set dance floors ablaze. Known for his electrifying live performances accompanied by flashy, futuristic visualizers made through a bridge between Ableton and reactive colourful image shaders, analogue instruments and live performance SUBFICTION raises the bar ounce more. 

SUBFICTION shared: “‘we_glitch’ is my sonic journey through the glitchy heart of underground house. It’s where skittering breakbeats meet twisted vocals and the ethereality of future-garage, creating a hypnotic groove that’ll have you lost in the glitch with me, the mysterious glitchmeister, aka SUBFICTION.”

Listen to the track…



Jerry Folk drops a scintillating new single, ‘Heart’ featuring Chloe Kae


Norwegian electronic producer Jerry Folk, known for his debut album Dotted Red with side project FENGSEL, unveiled his latest single, ‘Heart’ on April 5th, 2024, via Folkestad Recordings. Known for remixing artists like Billie Eilish and producing for names like Alina Baraz, he’s earned praise from various publications and BBC Radio 6’s Tom Ravenscroft. With over 350 million streams, he’s toured the US, opened for Odesza, and played at Coachella. Influenced by James Blake and others, his new release appeals to fans of PinkPantheress, James Blake, and Sam Gellaitry.

Influenced by the energetic vibes of early 2000s UK club music and enhanced by the fusion of powerful drum beats and smooth, seductive R&B vocals from Australian talent Chloe Kae, ‘Heart’ emerges as a song that effortlessly blends nostalgia with dance-floor appeal. Skillfully integrated vocal snippets complement Chloe Kae’s emotive singing, while a melodic synth weaves its way through the track, juxtaposed by a raw breakbeat that propels the listener into a captivating trance-like state.

Jerry Folk revealed: “I made ‘Heart’ last year in a period where I was making a lot of melancolic dance music. It’s the second single of my upcoming EP which is Inspired by early 2000s electronic music from the uk that mixes club music and r&b vocals. I sent the track to Chloe Kae from the australian duo “Kllo” and she sent me back some really beautiful vocals to go with it. The goal was to make something melancholic but hopeful.” 

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iFeature’s Dubstep Take on Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’ Will Blow Your Mind


In a captivating fusion of nostalgia and contemporary flair, the innovative German producer iFeature has injected fresh energy into Britney Spears’ timeless hit ‘Gimme More’, offering a dubstep bootleg rendition. This homage not only nods to the classic old-school Skrillex style, but also effortlessly integrates modern dubstep elements. This inventive remix has ignited enthusiasm among fans of both the original pop anthem and the early 2010s dubstep scene, demonstrating iFeature’s knack for harmonizing diverse musical epochs. The prolific young producer will be releasing his third album, Forbidden, on April 26, 2024. Follow him below to be sure you don’t miss it!

A Fresh Take on a Nostalgic Classic 

iFeature’s remix delves into the raw, bass-driven sounds that propelled Skrillex to stardom in the early 2010s. Opening with the familiar seductive vocals of ‘Gimme More’, the track unfolds against a backdrop of understated beats, teasing the impending dubstep frenzy. With anticipation mounting, iFeature seamlessly transitions into a high-octane segment, merging classic dubstep elements like wobble basslines and aggressive synths with polished, contemporary production techniques. This fusion yields a sound that is simultaneously evocative of the past and invigoratingly novel, captivating both seasoned dubstep aficionados and fresh ears alike.

The Challenge of Blending Eras

iFeature took on a challenge: crafting a track that honors and rejuvenates the essence of both Britney Spears’ pop legacy and Skrillex’s dominance in the realm of dubstep – a considerable undertaking. Through meticulous curation of elements emblematic of early dubstep—the raw, visceral energy, and the inventive manipulation of bass and synth—and blending them with the refined, intricate production standards of contemporary music, iFeature has forged a remix that shines amidst the abundance of electronic music out there today.

The Response

iFeature’s bootleg rendition of ‘Gimme More’ has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. They commend the track for its ability to evoke nostalgia for the golden era of dubstep while also recognizing its evolution. This remix not only showcases iFeature’s prowess as a producer but also underscores the timeless appeal of Britney Spears’ music and the enduring influence of Skrillex’s pioneering work. Music critics have observed that this remix could herald a resurgence of interest in dubstep, a genre that had a chokehold on the electronic music scene in the early 2010s that has also undergone various transformations over the years. By illustrating how the raw essence of early dubstep can harmonize with contemporary sounds, iFeature may inspire a new generation of producers to explore and innovate within the genre.

Closing Thoughts

iFeature’s dubstep rendition of ‘Gimme More’ stands as a vivid testament to music’s enduring ability to progress and motivate across different generations. This track pays homage to its origins while embracing innovation, providing listeners with an exhilarating journey through the evolution of dubstep and pop. In an era where musical boundaries increasingly dissolve, visionaries like iFeature pave the way, demonstrating that through creativity and reverence for tradition, the horizons of musical exploration remain boundless.

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Globe-trotting songstress cool girl island releases new single ‘ocean potion’


Gifted songstress cool girl island has released her new love song ‘ocean potion’. The song was fittingly released on the day of  love 14th Feburary also known as Valentines day. Heavily influneced by the 90’s and early 2000’s 2 step garage scene cool girl island fused both sounds to shape her musical experience and create a distinctive sound that defies categorization.

cool girl island’s new single ‘ocean potion’ emerges as a poignant love letter encapsulating the euphoria and vulnerability of young love. Inspired by the fleeting yet intoxicating sensation of new romance, the artist employs garage beats to evoke the exhilarating free fall of infatuation.

cool girl island shared: “The title ‘ocean potion’ was inspired by the idea of putting a love letter in a bottle,” she shares. “It is about the head rush we experience in the beginning of a relationship, which is so fleeting. I want this song to be a Time Capsule for my youth.”

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Yung Saber unleashes an epic EP, ‘No Photocopies’

Credit: Harry Thiessen

UK Dancehall luminary Yung Saber released his latest EP, No Photocopies, on February 15th 2024 via YUNG SABER MUSIC. With over 10 million streams on various platforms, Saber made a mark in 2021 with the global success of his hit single ‘Tump & Kick.’ He followed up with remixes featuring Stylo G and an all-star lineup of UK Dancehall giants including Big Zeeks, Shanti Force, The Rara, Doktor & Irah. Saber has performed at prestigious events like MADE Festival, Glastonbury, and Notting Hill Carnival, as well as on BBC radio shows like Rampage, Seani B, and BBC 1Xtra. Inspired by Super Cat and Vybz Kartel, his musical style resonates with artists like J Hus, Govana, MoStack, Not3s, Krept & Konan, and Yxng Bane. In February 2023, he showcased his talents in a live band performance of ‘Karl Kani’ during the BBC Maida Vale Session with Seani B.

Yung Saber effortlessly delivers smooth vocals across a diverse range of themes in No Photocopies. With rhythm-heavy instrumentals, five out of seven tracks feature collaborations, adding depth to the vibrant musical palette. From the spiritually reverent ‘Give Thanks’ (featuring Akelle from WSTRN) to the impactful dub-laden ‘System’ (featuring Guinny Pepper & Tippa Ire), the EP pays homage to the Jamaican diaspora, showcasing Yung Saber‘s versatile artistry.

Yung Saber divulged: “In this project I explore my sound and paint the picture almost like a movie. This project shows growth within me as an artist and my potential to become one of the biggest names out of Dancehall made in the UK.” 

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R3HAB joins forces with Acid Arab to unleash a soaring remix of ‘Habaytak’, featuring Ghizlane Melih

R3HAB Remixes Acid Arab

Multi-platinum producer and DJ, R3HAB has just unleashed a blazing remix of Acid Arab’s outrageously infectious and boundary-breaking track, ‘Habaytak’. For the last fifteen years, the musician, Fadil El Ghoul, has dominated the mainstream whilst staying true to his Dutch-Moroccan heritage. From remixes for the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, and Calvin Harris, to his original tracks with huge collabs. Out now via [PIAS] Électronique, R3HAB gave the Eastern-inspired sound of the original track, featuring Ghizlane Melih’s vocals, a darker, faster-paced twist. Watch the freshly released Jean-Charles Charavin-directed video: 

Trailblazing through the original with his vision but never forgetting to intensify Acid Arab’s existing builds and breaks, R3HAB heightens the vocal track to spine-tingling levels. Incorporating explicit House elements and throbbing electronic bass, this club banger exaggerates the source material’s production whilst keeping Ghizlane Melih’s gorgeous vocals in the spotlight. In doing so, he not only injects the beats with his unique brand of thumping House, but he also pays homage to the Morrocan diva’s heritage and influences. Listen to both the original and the new remix below: 

About their exciting collaboration, the two producers had this to say, R3HAB: “I’ve been a fan of Acid Arab’s work for a long time now, so I was excited when they reached out. I had a lot of fun remixing ‘Habaytak’, it’s always a good challenge to infuse my sound into different genres and musical cultures. I loved the experience and we’re excited to finally share it with the world!”. Acid Arab: “This mix of R3HAB’s more mainstream sound with our Arabic-inspired electronic music has spawned a unique and potentially massive track. We’re honoured that R3HAB agreed to add his special touch and individual vibe to our track. We’re proud to see more musical boundaries fall.”

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Hologramme ventures into new territory with ‘Aphrodite’

Hologramme, Grooverider, DJ Hype, Wilkinson
Hologramme, Grooverider, DJ Hype, Wilkinson

Image credit: KarelChladek

Who is Hologramme? Or should we rather be asking what is it that defines this Canadian electronic producer? On this point, we can say a few things. Firstly, he is the founder of the Société Holographique de Montréal, a Montréal-based record label from what we could gather. Secondly, he is a live performer dedicated to delivering festival-ready music, and with that, our last point: he is a genre-defying electronic music producer behind the newly released jungle-influenced single ‘Aphrodite’, signed to the very label to which he gave rise.

Stream / Download: Hologramme – ‘Aphrodite’

With a liberated creative mindset, the producer ventured into the territory of drum and bass. On this, he said: “When I write my music, I never think of a purpose for it. I just let it happen. It’s afterwards that the song finds a purpose by itself, and it’s the crowd that ultimately decides what the song is for. I got the chance to test Aphrodite in various circumstances and I wouldn’t have thought it was this much of a huge banger, but when I played it at Piknic Électronik in Montreal a few weeks ago, the crowd went crazy. The song found its purpose and it’s to make crowds go crazy.”

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Memories flood back in Jerry Folk’s latest song and video

Jerry Folk, Fred Again.., Braxton, Sigma
Jerry Folk, Fred Again.., Braxton, Sigma

Image credit: @akam1ke

Looking back can be hard sometimes. Doing so can bring up painful memories. Even worse, it can bring up good ones. And often times, the beautiful moments can be more difficult to reflect on because they remind us of the joy that we felt during these moments and contrast them with our current struggles.

Stream / Download: Jerry Folk – ‘Better Days’

This blend of bliss and melancholy is what we call nostalgia, and that is precisely the feeling Grammy-Nominated Producer Jerry Folk has evoked with his latest offering, the temporal-themed single and music video ‘Better Days’. Available across platforms via Folkestad Recordings.

Opening up about the making of the collaboration with his FENGSEL alias, Jerry said: “I made this track in LA last year around the same time I made my last EP, Castle Tapes, and was inspired by medieval sounds, UK Punk, and ‘90s breakbeat music – trying to find a unique middle ground between the three. It’s coming out as a collab between Jerry Folk and my FENGSEL alias. It’s hard to explain but when some things I make get a certain nerve, I want to have it in the FENGSEL universe.”

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