Kēvens breaks genre boundaries with new song


Image credit: Veronique Vial

Innovating, EDM producer Kēvens has offered fans something new. Titled Legal Dreamers’, his recently released single skirts the line. No, rather, it crosses it forthrightly, bringing to life a novel sound.

A palpable blend of Drum & Bass and Reggae, this electro-world track stands out as something truly individual. Though producers are not always so lucky, Kēvens has engendered a genre that works. That is to say that the blend of seemingly opposed sonic worlds, of organic and synthetic, gel. It can be described as sci-fi: following the natural development of music genres, guiding EDM fans into an alternate future.

Kēvens has broken boundaries elsewhere too: during ULTRA 2000, the producer introduced drum and bass to the Festival. He would go on to grace the stages of The Florida Zen Music Festival, Cyberfest, Earthdance, and One Love Fest Japan

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