The Moods

Image credit: Calder Marley Taylor

The Moods latest offering is a spectacular collaboration with Scottish Trad/Dance fusionists Yoko Pwno. A clear nod to those classic breakbeat anthems of the early 90’s rave scene is brought screaming into the present day with the modern production sensibilities that are becoming the moods calling card.

Heavy breaks, sub-bass and euphoric synths are taken to a new level with the sensational vocal hook of Yoko Pwno songstress Lissa Robertson. Two rapid-fire rap verses sit in amongst this outstanding vocal performance giving a constant feeling of momentum to this potential future dance anthem.

The track itself will evoke memories of better times gone by. Of raving into the early hours without a care in the world. So until those nights return, push your furniture out the way, crank those speakers up and lose yourself in 3 minutes of rave nostalgia. We all need small distractions in the current climate and this track is a great antidote

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