Artist GAWM and Eater creates surrealism in new collab

GAWM and Eater, Excision, Zomboy, Datsik, and Skrillex
GAWM and Eater, Excision, Zomboy, Datsik, and Skrillex

Image credit: Garrett Duncan

Under Quality Goods Records, Potent musicians GAWM and Eater released their latest collab ‘Zombie Walk’ on the 16th of January lifted from the upcoming compilation QGRC-006 by Quality Goods Records. Producer Eater hails from Italy and trap and dub musician GAWM originates from Los Angeles, USA. Zombie Walk’ is comparable to the musical sound of  Hype, and Dubstep Don among others. 

Pre-save QGRC-006 Compilation

True to its title, Zombie Walk’ is menacing in both the sound arrangement and the chosen instrument. The fast tempo beats accelerate and chase the base synths relentlessly until spoken-like vocals provide a mid-tempo rest that consequently creates an atmosphere of surrealism that gives listeners the impression that they are at the mercy of the track’s musical vibrations and the intent of the musicians.   

GAWM elaborates on the excitement of their leading up to the making of Zombie Walk’: “The last time Eater and I got on a track together, we got the most support I’ve ever gotten on a track. The track was called “Machine Gun” and it was in the tour sets of NGHTMRE, ATLiens, Excision, and SLANDER. People have been anticipating another collaboration from Eater and myself for quite some time now”.

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