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Music producer Jerry Folk and his side-project FENGSEL have been leaving us entranced with singles like ‘Everything’ and ‘On My Way’ featuring artist Bearson. Both tracks differ in genre angles, ‘Everything’ took a neo-soul approach and ‘On My Way’ went in the opposite direction with its indie-pop flow that was bursting feel-good energy. Today, this globally renowned music producer Jerry Folk has released his latest single ‘Dotted Red’ via Folkestad Recordings. Jerry Folk’s previous release ‘On My Way’ featuring noteworthy act Bearson previously featured on Muze FM.

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One may be thinking what genre quirks this future banger will have, and if you guessed right it would be highly jungle dominated. Didn’t see that one coming? Neither did we, but I guess that is what Jerry Folk side-project is all about – the element of surprise. The music producer previously mentioned that the FENGSEL project is highly experimental and his way of exercising his creativity.  We do not disagree with that at all. ‘Dotted Red’ is a somewhat laidback listening experience. It definitely has its warped and disorientated appeal that jungle has, but Folk brings peculiarly warmer energy to the genre as the tranquil synth notes mould the track into a not so typical jungle banger.

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  Photo credit: @akam1ke