Hologramme ventures into new territory with ‘Aphrodite’

Hologramme, Grooverider, DJ Hype, Wilkinson
Hologramme, Grooverider, DJ Hype, Wilkinson

Image credit: KarelChladek

Who is Hologramme? Or should we rather be asking what is it that defines this Canadian electronic producer? On this point, we can say a few things. Firstly, he is the founder of the Société Holographique de Montréal, a Montréal-based record label from what we could gather. Secondly, he is a live performer dedicated to delivering festival-ready music, and with that, our last point: he is a genre-defying electronic music producer behind the newly released jungle-influenced single ‘Aphrodite’, signed to the very label to which he gave rise.

Stream / Download: Hologramme – ‘Aphrodite’

With a liberated creative mindset, the producer ventured into the territory of drum and bass. On this, he said: “When I write my music, I never think of a purpose for it. I just let it happen. It’s afterwards that the song finds a purpose by itself, and it’s the crowd that ultimately decides what the song is for. I got the chance to test Aphrodite in various circumstances and I wouldn’t have thought it was this much of a huge banger, but when I played it at Piknic Électronik in Montreal a few weeks ago, the crowd went crazy. The song found its purpose and it’s to make crowds go crazy.”

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