Shy FX,Hybrid Minds, Mr. Sosa
Shy FX,Hybrid Minds, Mr. Sosa

Mr. Sosa shows his production prowess with his second release on Needwant records, Ride / Maui’.

The former starts out with layers of airy vocals and a stumbling synth line before ascending into a fluid break beat. The real climax of this ‘Ride’ comes in the second drop when an array of arpeggios and a deep moving bass accompany the stuttering beat. The track boasts refreshing, spacey breaks harking back to the days of jungle cuts.

The second track, ‘Maui’ starts with deep bass, then slowly progresses with a sharp four to the floor kick and rhythmic classic house synth as if you were rising up from beneath the waters surrounding a tropical island. Mr. Sosa creates an ever developing track, moulding a drum break around the established house beat and switching the rhythmic synth out for a gliding pad. ‘Maui’ is centred around a sumptuous vocal chop that doesn’t tire the listener’s ears. 

Over the last two years, Mr. Sosa has made a name for himself both in the studio and behind the decks, renowned for chunky acid and catchy chords. Off the back of successful EP, ‘Orion’ Mr. Sosa was signed to Anjunadeep as well as seeing releases on Houseum, Misplaced records, Clipp art, Fresh take records & Elation.

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