San Holo, Illenium, Nosam
San Holo, Illenium, Nosam

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With an affinity for creating genre-blending bass fusions, NOSAM is on a mission to create as many epic combinations one release at a time. The producer’s latest song ‘By Your Side’, released via Lazy i Records is an inviting and heartfelt anthem that will have you wanting to pick yourself back up from the gloomiest of moments and begin again.  ‘By Your Side’ is the third track released this year by NOSAM, since his Lostinvegas song collaborations ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Got Lost’. We get more insight into NOSAM’s craft, and he discusses genres in this exclusive Q&A with him.

What draws you to more alternative sounds?

I grew up on alternative music and it was really one of the first genres I ever heard growing up in the ‘90s. I remember the first album I got was Enema Of The State by Blink-182.

What has been the best part of releasing your new track ‘By Your Side’?

The best part about releasing ‘By Your Side’ is probably the positive reactions from listeners so far. I’ve been working on this kind of style for a while, and I’m finally really happy with how it sounds! 

What advice would you give to other L.A.-based producers looking to promote their sound?

Producers living in LA (or anywhere), I’d recommend just getting out there networking as much as possible (in-person and social media), entering your music into competitions, doing remix competitions. What really helped me in the beginning was I did a competition for making a beat for Wiz Khalifa. I was selected in the top three producers but Khalifa’s team decided to go with a different beat. However, the exposure from this allowed me to meet my publisher who got almost 100 of my songs on TV shows. 

You previously released a successful remix via Armada Music, what do you think about remixing your own music?

For me, I really like having other artists remix my music, a lot of times I’ll make different versions of a song, an original, an acoustic, or maybe a stringed version. So being able to hear someone else’s take on my original idea is refreshing to me because I’ve heard that sound already probably 1000 times when I’m producing it, doing vocals, and then going into mixing and mastering.

Your sound features a culmination of influences. If you would describe your sound in a nutshell, what words would you use?

It’s always hard for me to describe my own sound because sometimes I don’t even really know how to describe it, haha. But I’d say my favorite sound that I’ve always loved since I started producing is intimate, deep, meaningful vocals on my verses that tell a story and big EDM, future bass, trap drops. 

Who did the vocals on ‘By Your Side’?

Chris Jobe, he is a very talented singer and songwriter who did the vocals on ‘By Your Side’. 

What is the best part of creating bass music?

The best part about creating music for me is when you’re just starting to make a song and you find a sound that you really like, but you have no idea how it’s going to work in the overall song. And then after hours and hours of refining and edits (sometimes almost giving up), you don’t listen to it for a couple of days and then come back to it and are like, “ wow, I can’t believe I made this!”

What do you have in the pipeline after releasing this single?

So I’m currently working on an acoustic version for ‘By Your Side’ right now, this version sounds a lot more like a live band. I also have collaborations with other artists, some we’ve been working on for a year now and some that are brand new. I’m really excited to announce more about this soon!

‘By Your Side’ features on the Spotify playlist BASS_GROUND

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