Thrilling trap musicians Stööki Sound unleash new ‘Revival’ song

Stooki Sound, UZ, Troyboi, Baauer
Stooki Sound, UZ, Troyboi, Baauer

Image credit: Purple Contrast

Under Quality Goods Records, Stööki Sound shared their latest song ‘Revival’. Skilful Stööki Sound find its artistic expression in innovation, not only in music but in fashion and art as well. The trap musicians’ music resembles the musical sounds of the likes of  Baauer and Troyboi just to mention a few. 

Stream / Download: Stööki Sound – ‘Revival’

‘Revival’ is a track that rises like a phoenix and resembles a formidable and powerful dragon that is tasked with infinite procreation, evidently observed in its all-encompassing bass beat. Subsequently, listeners are imputed to feel incredibly powerful and rejuvenated. And also, this bass beat is leisurely and induces a deep relaxation that fosters incredible creativity and the acceptance of challenges that occur in life.

Stööki Sound reflect on the contextual significance of the new single with these words: “Revival is a representation of infinity and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We found a connection to the Ouroboros symbol – a serpent eating its own tail. This emblem reflects our journey and can also take the form of the ÖÖ motif we have used since the beginning of Stööki Sound. This track represents the stage we are at in the cycle, connecting old fans with new ones and it’s fitting for the track to be released with our Quality Goods Records fam who have been a part of our story from early on”.

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