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For the past few months, alternative jazz quartet ISQ have been sharing remixes for their upcoming album release Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes. A rare journey it has been indeed to hear these re-imaginings from DJ’s and music producers across the pond, each highlighting a different quirk of the bands original sound with these remixes. Today, we are delighted to hear this house trance version of their single ‘Run To You’ from the electronic outfit Slovo.

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This remix breaks from the bubbly mould of the original single. The start of the track is fixated on ISQ’s singer Irene Serra’s evocative words paired with a mellow yet distorted electronic landscape. our minds are left to wander to thoughts of despair and heartbreak. The track takes a miraculous turn and warps into a house trance piece. We are left thoroughly surprised as the previous remixes have never been as emotionally complex. Maybe it could be the fact that Slovo consists of former Faithless guitarist Dave Randall, who is known to have worked with the queen of despair – songstress Sinead ‘O Connor?

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Dave Randall motivates his intentions behind the remix “The album version of ‘Run To You’ is short and playful, but I could hear a bittersweet quality in Irene’s voice and lyric that intrigued me – that feeling of longing the Brazilians might call ‘saudade’. That was my starting point. The ‘muso’ in me also thought it would be fun to take a phrase in 7/8 and mix it with a dance groove. Hopefully, I’ve highlighted the “saudade”…”

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