KRONO, Oliver Heldens, Nora En Pure, Duke Dumont
KRONO, Oliver Heldens, Nora En Pure, Duke Dumont

Image credit: © Eve Robert

Ascending musicians KRONO released the single ‘KARMACODA – Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’ on the 30th of September under Sola Musa Music. Having secured the support of the likes of distinguished publications YourEDM and Vibe amongst others, the twosome has set their aim beyond the stars and the brand new single both excites and demands acclaim. 

KARMACODA – Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’ equally invigorates and excites the senses with a rhythm that is set to satisfy fervent dancers who love mid and up-tempo. This rhythm implores good times and the track is like entering a cosmos inundated with carefully experimented sound laden with a feast of remarkably accelerated beats.   

Stream / Download: KARMACODA – ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’

KRONO tells us the origin as well as the intended musical destination of the single “The KARMACODA – Deja Vu (Krono Remix) is somewhere between experimental world house music and electronic music. Driven by a deep ‘80s bass, Jessica Ford’s sensual voice gently sets the mood and atmosphere of the track, which slides into a kind of modern melodic house track”.



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